Computer Graphics (CMU 15-462/662)

This page contains take-home quizzes associated with lectures. Quizzes are due before the start of class and must be turned in by you. Quizzes turned in after the start of class, or by another student, will not receive credit. Don't forget to write your name and Andrew ID!


Quiz 1: Tell us about yourself!

Quiz 2: Numerical Linear Algebra

Quiz 3: Basic Vector Class

Quiz 4: Freaky Frequencies

Quiz 5: Trees and Transformations

Quiz 6: Planting Trees

Quiz 7: Sampling a Tartan Handkerchief

Quiz 8: Fractal Pterodactyl

Quiz 9: Box Modeling

Quiz 10: Geometry Stuff

Quiz 11: Continuous Collision Detection

Quiz 12: Leaves and Bounds

Quiz 13: Color Conversion

Quiz 14: Rad Radiometry

Quiz 15: Real Time Shading

Quiz 16: Variable Variance

Quiz 17: Natural Splines

Quiz 18: Spring Thing