Computer Graphics (CMU 15-462/662)

This page contains lecture slides and optional readings for the Fall 2018 offering of 15-462/662.

(Overview of graphics + making a line drawing of a cube!)
(Vectors, vector spaces, linear maps, inner product, norm, L2 inner product, span, basis, orthonormal basis, Gram-Schmidt, frequency decomposition, systems of linear equations, bilinear and quadratic forms, matrices)
(Euclidean inner product, cross product, matrix representations, determinant, triple product formulas, differential operators, directional derivative, gradient, differentiating matrices, differentiating functions, divergence, curl, Laplacian, Hessian, (multivariable) Taylor series)
(coverage testing as sampling a 2D signals, challenges of aliasing, performing point-in-triangle tests)
Further Reading:
(basic math of spatial transformations and coordinate spaces)
Further Reading:
(3D rotations, commutativity of rotations, 2D rotation matrix, Euler angles, rotation from axis/angle, complex numbers, quaternions, quaternion rotation)
(understanding perspective projection, texture mapping using the mip-map)
Further Reading: