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hfrlucka commented on slide_023 of Monte Carlo Integration ()

In the last red note, should it be "...from point p, in direction w' to p'"? I'm a bit confused by the two 'p's.

LiuQiangdong commented on slide_026 of Introduction to Optimization ()

Do you mean that we should change the step size as we are doing the descent?

ZhangZetian commented on slide_026 of Introduction to Optimization ()

Is there any good method to adapt the step size when we are moving forward?

ZhangZetian commented on slide_037 of Dynamics and Time Integration ()

It seems like u update velocity using current offset, then update offset using the updated velocity.

LiuQiangdong commented on slide_037 of Dynamics and Time Integration ()

What will the formulae be for the Sympletic Euler? Like the one in forward and backward euler.

jagu commented on slide_012 of Monte Carlo Integration ()

This is missing an |\Omega| over the N.

Kalun commented on slide_050 of The Rendering Equation ()

Why do we divide p(w_j) here? Shouldn't we multiply it?

Kalun commented on slide_029 of Radiometry ()

Why would dot(N, L) be negative here? Isn't the direction to light (L) always pointing "up" in with regard to the surface?

adrian_TA commented on slide_023 of Recitation: Intro to C++ and Scotty3d ()

Whoops, looks like I messed up the printf statement here. It should be

printf("%s It's %d.\n", str, i).

Just goes to show that printf can be finicky...

Note that this q^{-1} is the same as q_bar on the earlier slides when the quaternion has unit magnitude (as it does for rotations).

adrian_TA commented on slide_009 of Intro to OpenGL ()

The "simple example" that I linked can be found here

Check out this link to browse the most popular shadertoy posts! Try making your own as well :)

adrian_TA commented on slide_010 of Intro to OpenGL ()

You can take a look at the example code that I used in this lecture at the following link:


The environment that I've set up in the render() function is similar to the DrawSVG hardware renderer stubs. Feel free to experiment! If you would like, you can also change the OpenGL version to use by changing this line.

npollard commented on slide_068 of Drawing a Triangle ()

This is the slide that had the error during class today. Notice that when we increment y by one, we should change dE by -dX.

adrian_TA commented on slide_070 of Course Introduction ()

@zhangsiy There are exactly two assignments related to math: The linear algebra review and the 3D calculus review. The programming assignments are separate.

zhangsiy commented on slide_070 of Course Introduction ()

Does each of the homework has a warm-up math review or we only have one assignment related to math review?