Computer Graphics (CMU 15-462/662)
Basic Info
Mon/Wed 10:30-11:50pm
BH A51
Instructor: Nancy Pollard
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Spring 2019 Schedule
Jan 14
Assignment 0.0 OUT
Jan 16
Jan 21
No Class (CMU MLK holiday)
Assignment 0.0 DUE
Assignment 0.5 OUT
Jan 23
Math Review Part II (Vector Calculus)
Jan 28
Drawing a Triangle
Assignment 0.5 DUE
Assignment 1 OUT
Jan 29
OpenGL tutorial
Jan 30
Coordinate Spaces and Transformations
Feb 4
3D Rotations and Complex Representations
Feb 6
Perspective Projection and Texture Mapping
Feb 11
The Rasterization Pipeline
Feb 13
Introduction to Geometry
Assignment 1 DUE
Assignment 2 OUT
Feb 18
Meshes and Manifolds
Feb 20
Digital Geometry Processing
Feb 25
Geometric Queries
Feb 27
Spatial Data Structures
Mar 4
Midterm Review
Assignment 2 DUE
Mar 6
Mar 11
Mar 13
Mar 18
Assignment 3 Overview
Assignment 3 OUT
Mar 20
Mar 25
Mar 27
The Rendering Equation
Apr 1
Numerical Integration
Assignment 3, Task 1-4 DUE
Apr 3
Monte Carlo Ray Tracing
Apr 8
Variance Reduction
Apr 10
Introduction to Animation
Assignment 3, Task 5-7 DUE
Assignment 4 OUT
Apr 15
Dynamics and Time Integration
Apr 17
Introduction to Optimization
Apr 22
Physically-Based Animation and PDEs
Apr 24
Apr 29
Final Review
Assignment 4 DUE
May 1
Course Wrapup
Final Exam
Assignments and Projects
(Due 1/21)Assignment 0.0: Linear Algebra Review/Preview
(Due 1/28)Assignment 0.5: Vector Calculus Review/Preview
(Due 2/13)Assignment 1: DrawSVG
(Due 3/4)Assignment 2: MeshEdit
(Due 4/10)Assignment 3: PathTracer
(Due 4/29)Assignment 4: Animation

Thanks to past course contributors: Kayvon Fatahalian, Stelian Coros, Michael Choquette, Se-Joon Chung, Sky Gao, Qiuyi Jia, Nick Sharp, Zach Shearer, Bryce Summers.