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After the first lecture, I actually looked into some videos about computer graphics in the movie industry. Since I personally have played a lot of video games and watched many sci-fi movies, I'm not "quite fascinated" by the use of computer graphics to create imaginary things and worlds that don't exist in real world. What amazed me is how the movie industry has been using it, for quite a long time, to cover up/improve the details to make them feel more realistic, or at least reasonable in the setting of the play. It's fascinating that computer graphics can not only bring imagination and nonexistent components into movies/video games but also make things look so natural that people don't even raise doubt when watching CG-ed scenes.


This kind of effect is very cool based on graphics rendering. Recently some generative models in computer vision are also doing image translation, attribute editing. Hope to see more comparison or combination of both in incoming research.


I remember watching Forrest Gump when I was really young, and being amazed by how realistic the scene of him meeting JFK was. I know CGI was used for other aspects of the movie as well, such as making Tom Hanks amazing at playing ping-pong. It's pretty cool to see how effectively computer graphics techniques were used in such an old movie.