Basic Info
Tuesday and Thursday, 1:25-2:45pm
BH A51
Instructor: Jim McCann
See the course info page for more info on policies and logistics.
Getting Started
To get started with the class you need to do three things:
  1. Sign up for the course Piazza.
  2. Sign up for an account on this webpage. (We'll give you the signup code on Piazza, so sign up for that first!)
  3. Carefully read through the Course Info.
Note that official assignment due dates will be listed inline in the course schedule below. Stay tuned for the full course schedule.
Fall 2022 Schedule
Aug 30 (Tue)
A0 released
Sep 01 (Thu)
Sep 06 (Tue)
A0.0 due
Sep 08 (Thu)
A0.5 due / A1 released
Sep 13 (Tue)
Sep 15 (Thu)
Sep 20 (Tue)
Sep 22 (Thu)
Sep 26 (Mon)
A1.0 due / A1.5 due
Sep 27 (Tue)
Sep 29 (Thu)
A2 released
Oct 04 (Tue)
Oct 05 (Wed)
A2.0 due
Oct 06 (Thu)
Oct 11 (Tue)
Oct 13 (Thu)
Oct 15 (Sat)
A2.5 due
Oct 18 (Tue)
Fall Break
Oct 20 (Thu)
Fall Break
Oct 25 (Tue)
A3 released
Oct 27 (Thu)
Nov 01 (Tue)
Nov 03 (Thu)
Nov 04 (Fri)
A3.0 due
Nov 08 (Tue)
Nov 10 (Thu)
Nov 15 (Tue)
Nov 17 (Thu)
Nov 21 (Mon)
A3.5 due / A4 released
Nov 22 (Tue)
Nov 24 (Thu)
Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov 29 (Tue)
Dec 01 (Thu)
Dec 06 (Tue)
Dec 08 (Thu)
Dec 09 (Fri)
A4.0 due / A4.5 due
Dec 12 (Mon)
Assignments and Projects
The bulk of your assignments will entail implementing a full-blown 3D package called Scotty3D, which encompasses modeling, rendering, and animation. You can find the skeleton code here, along with a showcase of some results from previous years. Also make sure to check out the Scotty3D documentation.
(Due - see above) Assignment 0.0: Linear Algebra (P)Review
(Due - see above) Assignment 0.5: Vector Calculus (P)Review
(Due - see above) Assignment 1.0: Rasterizer (Checkpoint)
(Due - see above) Assignment 1.5: Rasterizer (Final)
(Due - see above) Assignment 2.0: Mesh Editing (Checkpoint)
(Due - see above) Assignment 2.5: Mesh Editing (Final)
(Due - see above) Assignment 3.0: Path Tracing (Checkpoint)
(Due - see above) Assignment 3.5: Path Tracing (Final)

Thanks to past contributors to course material: Keenan Crane, Kayvon Fatahalian, Stelian Coros, Nancy Pollard, Michael Choquette, Se-Joon Chung, Sky Gao, Qiuyi Jia, Zach Shearer, Bryce Summers, Nick Sharp, Maxwell Slater.