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I may have missed this in class, but why is the L2 gradient \nabla F such that for all u, <<\nabla F, u>> = D_u F?


@lykospirit This is to basically follow our previous rules from partial derivatives I think?


@lykospirit See this slide; this is just the definition of the gradient, independent of the inner product space you’re in.


I hate to be that person, but does the * disclaimer mean that we can expect vector calculus/math calculations on our midterms?


@elso You may be asked to do very (very) minor calculations in the context of graphics problems, but the whole point of doing a thorough review is that all the linear algebra/vector calculus we use from here on out should be easier than what you did in your homework. (Also means that we don't have to stop and talk about basic concepts in the middle of other lectures.)