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How did the bottom right change places after the scale?


@siminl Not sure what you mean about changing places


@keenan I guess I don’t understand why it doesn’t end up with the bottom left corner in the same place as the bottom left corner of the unscaled square.


@siminl remember that scaling is just multiplying the x and y by some common factor. Here say $g(x) = T_{3,1}x$, then $f(x) = 0.5 g(x)$, so $f(x_0) = 0.5 g(x_0)$, $f(x_1) = 0.5 g(x_1)$, and so on. If you shoot a ray from $O$ to the $g(x)$ square, $f(x)$ is a projection of what you would see.