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During lecture it was mentioned that raytracing was used in combination with rasterization. Will we go over how to mix the two techniques?


I have a question going off the previous one. Do we have to handle in which situations this occurs on the CPU or does it occur on the GPU side?


Since the new Nvidia GPUs (2080 and 2080Ti) support real-time ray tracing at the hardware level, will we be going over some of the features in the hardware that finally allow for this?


@Eaglee This is the benefit of teaching you the fundamentals: once you've implemented a rasterizer (which you've already done for A1) and a ray tracer (which you'll do for A3), it will be "obvious" to you how to mix rasterization and ray tracing. (Namely: when you're shading a fragment in your rasterizer, shoot some rays to do additional lighting calculations.)

@ngod As for covering the latest and greatest GPU APIs for mixing ray tracing and rasterization, no, we won't be covering that. But if you're interested in learning about it, you'll be well-pepared to dive in by the end of the course. Usually the pain of something like this is just wading through all the documentation for API; the key concepts in the end are very close to what we'll discuss in class.