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Why path tracing is most popular among GPU nowadays? Is it because GPU physically support path tracing calculations?


Why is path tracing 'almost' unbiased? I can agree to it being almost consistent but which part of it makes it not completely unbiased?


Why rasterization is considered biased and inconsistent?


Similar to the comment above, I'm having a hard time seeing why rasterization is not consistent nor unbiased. Is this because of randomization of samples and aliasing problems potentially?


Why is path tracing "almost" for being both consistent and unbiased? Doesn't path tracing share the same idea with the rest of the algorithms, which turns out to be "yes" for consistency?


So, rasterization is only biased and inconsistent because we never properly sample what we're supposed to be seeing? Then, it's at least consistent in its inconsistency, right?


Similar confusion on why rasterization is neither consistent nor unbiased. If we perform sufficiently fine-grained supersampling shouldn't we at least get consistency?


What are the edge cases for path tracing regarding bias and consistency?