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It seems like parts of the lantern are still not lit up even after sixteen bounces. If we do want them to light up, is there any workarounds besides keep increasing the number of the bounces?


Would it work to differentiate refraction and bounced lighting, and not increment the bounce count of refracting rays (or count them separately and terminate them with a much higher count?) I feel like this would make sure we only render rays that are necessary? Would there be performance issues?


Why are we increasing by factors of 2 each time? Additionally what is the difference in time required to render this scene with 8 vs 16 bounces?


What is the criteria to select the number of bounces? Does it mean more is good? Or do we want to tweak it to find the best one which looks good using our eyes?


That is amazing. But it costs a lot of time. Do computer games do ray tracing all the time?


What is a good number of bounces to stop at? How do professionals tell when it's good to stop?