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As computers become better and better (can store more numerical precison), will we ever see an adoption of something better than sRGB, or is sRGB here to stay due to legacy reasons?


What are the axes on the left referring to? Is one of the axes the RGB value (between 0 and 1) and the other is intensity?


I'm a little bit confused about the reason why the nonlinear relationship could help make better use of limited set of numerical values.


Is the only reason that we don't use a wider range of color values because the technology doesn't exist/isn't mainstream enough?


Is it not possible to have a linear intensity graph?


I have a similar question to the other ones above; is there an intuitive way to understand this nonlinear relationship, and why it's preferable? It seems to me that the intensity of a color (as RGB goes from 0 to 1) should have a linearly varying intensity (so intensity would be linear in each of the three coordinates).


Is it possible to design a display that can capture the full range of colors visible to humans, and capture the sunset scene accurately?


Why is nonlinear better?