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Why is the meaning of that box? It seems not to achieve anything if hitting the box.


The meaning of the box is to avoid calculation that is unnecessary, though the time complexity remains the same, I guess the coefficient would be smaller than before.


How is the bounding box more efficient? If you have to loop through all the vertices to create the box, isn't that the same time it takes to try intersections with all triangles? Isn't this the same in the case where there's no intersection and double in the case where there is?


What is the motivation behind introducing the box? Seems like we’re only adding more work by having to compute the ray-box intersection as well as the intersections with all the triangles.


Is the bounding-box commonly used for other operations? Maybe if we can get a lot of re-use out of it that would motivate creating it even if you have to loop through all the vertices


would please add the ray-box intersection here?


Can boundary boxes with edges that aren't parallel to the xyz-axes be useful?


What is the point of using the bounding box if our complexity remains the same?


Can we divide a single bounding box into multiple boxes to optimize codes?


Just to be clear, while this still has the same worst case complexity, it allows us to most likely save a lot of time while checking in an actual use case of the algorithm because of the simplicity of the bounding box, correct?