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Does choosing alternative falloffs cause viewers to sense that something is wrong with the lighting (it subtly isn't behaving as they expect)?


Are there falloffs other than linear that people also use? What do they look like?


Will there ever be a need for cubic fallout?


So in the real world, there are some occurrences or approximations of a point source of light (say, a light fixture in the ceiling). If we would want to render this in a graphical setting, would we opt for the point light source, or is there something else we can do?


Do realistic falloffs depend on the material of objects in the scene?


Can we assume that the image as the light source approaches a large displacement will be fully dark? Is the falloff exponential, since smaller movements at the beginning causes more fallout and this will slowly approach full darkness?


Would this result in scenes that would be too dark for objects far away from the light source?