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Is there a reason why there's some white shades on the bottom half of the picture of the ray tracing method?


Are there any situations for which we would prefer rasterization over ray tracing?


Yutian, I think it's to indicate that we haven't gone through all the samples yet.


Is either one of these approaches significantly better for parallelism? This makes me think ray tracing could be since each sample is non-conflicting whereas parallelizing over primitives would possibly have conflicts at the same samples at once


Is there a reason for the ordering of samples vs primitives for each?


This slide makes it seem like rasterization and raytracing are the two natural ways to render images (i.e. primitive first or sample first). Are there other, unrelated ways to render images?


In what case do we use rasterization or ray tracing?


It seems like ray tracing would be the method generally used to generate an image, when would rasterization be a better method?