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Why do we store cumulative # entries instead of just # entries? I know we can easily go from one to another, but it seems like the unintuitive way to store the cumulative # entries. Is there a reason we would want this value?


Are array of linked lists and compressed column format easy to do matrix operations? I do not see that they are easy. Can you give some examples?


Is the conversion to a sparse matrix relatively simple/fast? I feel like constantly having to convert in between the two forms may be a lot of wasted time/space.


I am a little bit confused why we don't use vector in C++


Can we turn associative array into a hash map to increase its efficiency?


Why compressed column format gives fast matrix operations?


Do we ever use some "density threshold" to convert from this sparse format to a dense one if a mesh gets sufficiently fine?


What's the industry standard for storing sparse matrixes?