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Pentagon inequality? Really?


How does the diagram look like a pentagon? I don't see it at all. Are we implicitly breaking up the vectors into smaller subcomponents or something?

(Edit: I didn't see the 2nd-to-last slide before asking this :/)


Caught me zoning out for a second before I snapped back with the "pentagon inequality."


I've always heard the final property be referred to as the triangle inequality, and never heard of the pentagon inequality - is it a graphics specific thing to call it the pentagon inequality?


Pentagon inequality, a nice trick for checking whether we are focusing lol


Guess we are using a coordinate system where 5 equals to 3 here :)


Since these slides have been used for several years, I assume these "mistakes", along with the one on slide 14, will continue to appear in the future to check we actually listened to the lecture?


How is this triangle a pentagon lol