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Are graphics-specific programming languages used in industry? Or are they still in the early stages of development?


What are tools like Unity and Unreal Engine? Is it accurate to call it a graphics system?


I'm also curious about the role of a game engine (e.g. Unreal). Which of the above problems does it help to solve? Should we understand it as a graphics library that helps with most of the rendering process, e.g. after users declare the object representation? (So perhaps it is similar to a graphics-specific programming language to help achieve ease of use, and efficiency?)


How do we define the "signal" here which we acquired & reproduced? Does it mean the bits stored in some certain area of memory?


What kinds of features would make a programming language graphics-specific?


How important is parallel and increased performance going to be in this course?


Do we need to get familiar with all of the related knowledge above during the course?


Is the main purpose of parallel, heterogeneous processing to render images faster? Are there different settings in which this applies? For instance, I'm aware of high performance ray tracing hardware (e.g. NVIDIA RTX 30 series) which can render ray traced images fast. Are there different kinds of hardwares that work better for different techniques (e.g. different hardware that works better than 30 series for animations).