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This slide shows interesting new perspectives on reproduction of sensory information, but the following slides about the examples of computer graphics seem to only be concerned about the visual recreations. Can we get more examples of how computer graphics can be relevant in synthesizing and manipulating other sensory information, especially the taste and the smell?


Wow... I started searching on the internet after I read your comment, and it seems like there are already well-made products for taste and smell (like this one

Do we happen to have them at our school?


Until today, I never really thought of computer graphics being more than the animations that we see in the movies, but seeing how even taste and smell may be involved one day has definitely changed my perspective. This then means that newer innovations such as VR can be classified as a form of computer graphics; what other innovations are there that may involve the senses such as taste and smell that may end up becoming a big part of society such as VR has?


It will be very interesting to include taste and smell in the future computer experiences, but wouldn't it be a bit too much to include them in the term of Graphics? After all, graphics are visualizations. However, I am curious whether there is a word to encompass all the sensory information that can possibly be delivered by computer.