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Is the determining factor here the vertex position equation? Is there a method that applies the same steps with a different vertex position equation that achieves "good" geometry on triangle meshes?


Although the mesh on the right now has lots of irregular vertices, it still looks visually smooth. I would expect the normals to also be fairly smooth (small change in normal from one polygon to the next). Why is it that irregular vertices cause erratic surface normals?


Is there an understandable/visual geometric reason as to why this doesn’t work as nice for triangles but it does for quads?


So basically we can conclude that Catmull is not useful for triangle mesh?


How exactly are the reflections related to the normals and the fact that we're using quads versus triangles?


I noticed that in zbrush or other highly "smooth" sculting software the mesh is automatically triangle, and in maya or other modeling software the mesh is quad mesh by default. Why is that?