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Is ray tracing used for light sources in Computer Graphics? If so, how can it be rasterized properly since a light source would have infinitely many rays shooting out?


What data structure can be used to prevent from calculating all triangles?


How is it more efficient to pierce a ray through all triangles as an alternative to calculating the distance from a point to all triangles?


By multiple points, do you mean it can go through a surface and come out from the other side?


If a ray intersects the surface multiple times, how would that impact our representation? Technically, the first point would be represented since it’s the first thing we see, but it seems wasteful to just ignore all the other possible intersections


How is ray used in collision detection?


Are rays used in collision detections by checking the order of which shape was intersected by the ray


Is there any reason we would have ray-ray intersection? maybe atmospheric effects of something idk


How do we determine the direction of a ray in performing ray-related operations?