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What is more costly/efficient in terms of resources - rasterization on steroids or ray tracing with enough time? Would you ever want to choose the worse option for some specific use cases?


In applications such as CG in movies or computer games, which one is considered to be a more popular approach, rasterization, ray tracing, or other techniques? I personally think that the scenes in modern movies and games are pretty photorealistic but I am wondering how it is possible if ray tracing is generally slower than rasterization.


Are there specific cases in which the two techniques especially differ in terms of speed and photorealism?


Are these the two main techniques of representation or are there others. If so, what are their costs and benefits in comparison to rasterization and ray tracing?


Is ray tracing something that only exists in 3D? Or can there also be 2D raytracing?


What does primitive mean in thiscontext?