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How to quantify the value of heat, fusion, etc into units to measure the emission spectrum?


Are there conversions between additive and subtractive models?


If we would like to use the "emission spectrum", how could we determine the produced light frequency by heat or fusion?


It seems we will use emission spectrum for the light source only, and use absorption spectrum for objects which reflect light rather than emit. Is this correct?


what's the relationship between emission spectrum and absorbtion spectrum?


Is the emission spectrum of say like the chlorophyll whatever light it doesn't absorb? Is there a relationship between the two spectrums?


How does virtual computation of each model differ? Is one easier/harder than the other or have greater complexity?


How do these models affect our graphic models?


can emission and absorbtion spectrum be drawn for a same thing?


I have a silly question, what is a spectrum? Is it something which represents the frequency over something? Based on previous slides, color is actually frequency, does that mean the spectrum is the representation of different colors for the object who produce color or absorb color?


Is it possible to emit light at strictly one frequency? Like I'm not talking about just a color, more like the exact frequency/wavelength such that the spectrum would literally be a line/point?