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Do we ever want to use complex numbers for other transformations in graphics? Or does it not make as much sense since we possibly aren't dealing with the same angle manipulation or large complicated matrix operations?


Are there situations where the constraint that theta is in [0, 2pi) matters? Intuitively, it seems we could just store any angle up to a 2n\pi factor and it'd be the same as the version in [0, 2pi) if we ever wanted to convert back to cartesian coordinates. Is it just a matter of computational efficiency?


So when coding this up, it seems like a class defining complex numbers could just inherit from the Vector2D class but with an added "complex multiplication" function. Is this a reasonable assumption?


Are there tradeoffs to using complex polar? Is it difficult to translate some vectors into a workable form, or is it just always better to do it this way?


Will the angle impact the result, let's say, from pi to 2pi range?